Lighthouse Massage 

Come in and experience a one-stop-shop and let me make you feel good from the inside out. Massage Techniques include advanced myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, Thai, LaStone®, medical treatments for TMJ, plantarfasitis, tendonitis, injury recovery ,whiplash, freeing scar tissue, adhesions and frozen shoulder in the body with increased range of motion.

  • Benefits of massage include
  • Improved circulation and lymph
  • Relaxation of the muscles and improved joint mobility
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved immune system function
  • Pain management
  • Improved skin health - your skin is your largest organ!

All massage and body treatments include aromatherapy. (Young Living and BINDI oils)

Massage Menu

Medical Massage

Post surgery, sports injury, chronic pain, TMJ, HA, Neck pain, whiplash, Sciatica, Tendonitis. This session will be focused working with specific areas related with getting results.

  • 30 minutes - 40.00
  • 60 minutes - 70.00
  • 90 minutes - 100.00
  • Buy 3 and save $30.00, purchase a 3-pack of 60-minute Medical Massage. 3-pack - 180.00

LaStone® Massage

LaStoneWarm basalt stones soften muscle tissue, deepen and expand the healing process. Cool marble stones flush out chronic problem areas of inflammation or injury. The stones take you away!

  • 90 minutes - 110.00


Thai Massage

LaStoneAn ancient technique utilizing passive yoga. This method uses accupressure, muscle stretching and joint manipulation to free tensions stored in the tendons and ligaments of the body. During the Thai massage, 7,200 Sen lines (which cover the entire body and cross all Chinese meridians) are stimulated with pressure from the hands, thumbs, elbows and feet of the therapist.

The session is typically done on a mat on the floor, the client remains fully clothed. Clients should wear loose-fitting clothing. Some of the Thai techniques can be incorporated on the table.

  • 60 minutes - 80.00
  • 90 minutes - 120.00

Lighthouse Swedish relaxation massage

This massage will relax your entire body. With long, gliding and kneading strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. Relief of muscular tension, improvement of circulation, tissue elasticity while reducing muscle tone and creating a parasympathetic response to the body. If you want to check out, this is the massage for you.

  • 60 minutes - 60.00

Chair Massage

Life Is Busy! Come in for a 15 or 30 minute chair massage and relax for a few.

  • 15 minutes - 15.00
  • 30 minutes - 30.00

Prenatal Massage

PrenatalWith the use of a body cushion, get a customized fit for baby. Enjoy a massage focusing on areas where mom's need it the most.

  • 60 minutes - 55.00

Lighthouse Specialty Treatments 

Back Facial

Deep cleaning massage with a steamed specialty mask. Take your back to a higher level.

$45 (30-40 minutes)

Massage-on Tan

For a sun-kissed body and face, this application will have you look like you’ve been to the tropics. This luxurious, moisturizing treatment has a pleasant tropical aroma that you will love.

For best results your skin should be clean (lotion-free) and exfoliated. If you can do a body scrub before you come in your results will be better.

$50 (application is done during a 30 minute Swedish massage)

For a more color-built glow, retail face and body bronzer is available.

Rose Foot Soak and Reflexology

Experience a warm rose salt bath followed by a moisturizing, hydrating sugar scrub, massaged with intensive foot repair cream.

$30 (30 minutes)

* Additional personalized treatment options are available, just ask if you have specific needs or questions.